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Aabbco LLC    We have been punching down, installing, and configuring telephony systems since 1981. 

We pay attention and keep up on the latest and the greatest.

We know how to make your phone system work for you. 

All telephone systems installed are scalable as your needs grow.

Key Benefits:

bulletWe can answer your questions.
bulletWe can implement your needs.
bulletWe can suggest ways to improve your telephony experience.


bulletPSTN or VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol).
bulletKey systems and PBX systems.
bulletSIP Trunking.
bulletVoice-mail, remote-extensions, busy-forward, hunt groups, call cascading, and all that good stuff.
bulletFixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) systems, seamlessly blending cellular phones with Wi-Fi networks.

Hardware and other services:

bullet TalkSwitch.
bullet EnGenius.
bulletLong-range cordless phone systems.
bulletWireless Wi-Fi VOIP cordless phones.
bulletVoIP gateways.
bulletIngate SIParator.
bulletInside wiring and premise wiring: We can do it!
bulletT-1, broadband, cable, DSL, high-speed, and so forth.
bulletDual-mode mobile handsets.
bulletVoice over WLAN.


bulletLeasing programs.
bulletFlooring programs.
bulletRentals (Rent-to-Own) trial programs.


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